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The Cyber Security R&D Pipeline – Building Capability Through Science

  • August 2013
  • By Greg Shannon
  • In this 2013 webinar, Dr. Greg Shannon describes advances in software engineering to build systems with predictable and improved quality, cost, and schedule.
  • Cybersecurity Engineering CERT/CC
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
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  • Abstract

    About the Webcast

    Dr. Greg Shannon discusses "The Cyber Security R&D Pipeline – Building Capability through Science" from the virtual event, A Discussion with CERT Experts: Constructing a Secure Cyber Future.

    About the Speaker

    Dr. Greg Shannon is the chief scientist for the CERT® Program at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute, a federally funded research and development center. In this role, he works with CERT management and staff to establish and enhance the program's research visibility, initiatives, strategies, and policies. Outside of CERT, he works to influence national research agendas and promote the data-driven science of cyber security.

    Prior to joining CERT, Shannon was the chief scientist at two startups (CounterStorm, and Science, Engineering and Technology Associates), where he worked on insider threats, the science of cyber security, and statistical anomaly detection. In earlier positions, Shannon led applied research and development efforts in cyber security and data analysis at Lucent Technologies, Lumeta, Ascend Communications, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Indiana University, and his own startup company. 

About the Speaker

  • Greg Shannon

    Greg Shannon