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Model-Based Verification: Scope, Formalism, and Perspective Guidelines

October 2001 Technical Note
David P. Gluch, Santiago Comella-Dorda, John J. Hudak, Grace Lewis, Julie A. Walker, Charles B. Weinstock

This report provides guidance for defining the scope, formalism, and perspective for applying MBV, a systematic approach to finding defects in software requirements, designs, or code.


Software Engineering Institute

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The goal of model-based verification (MBV) is to reduce the number of defects. Like any other quality assurance (QA) technique, it is not equally efficient in every situation. It is critical to determine where and how to use MBV to achieve the largest impact in terms of the number and criticality of defects found with a reasonable amount of effort. This document provides guidance for defining the scope, formalism (approach and tools), and perspective for applying MBV. The critical (important or risky) aspects of the system and its development, including both programmatic and technical issues, drive these choices and form the basis for these guidelines.