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SATURN 2019 Presentations

May 2019 Presentation

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2019 (May 6-9, 2019, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Software Engineering Institute



In 2019, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference celebrated its 15th year. As the premier software architecture conference for senior engineers, SATURN 2019 offered keynotes and sessions on both essential skills and cutting-edge methods for software architects.

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Sessions and presentations included:

  • Advanced Serverless Applications at The New York Times, Darren McCleary
  • Agile Architecture Maturity Tutorial, Eltjo Poort
  • An Architect's Framework for Navigating Complexity, Ken Power
  • A Plunge into Serverless with AWS Lambda and Node.js, Yavor Papazov
  • Architecting to Support Machine Learning, Humberto Cervantes, Iurii Milovanov, and Rick Kazman
  • Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Perception Robustness Testing (Artist Rendering of Keynote), Kurt Hess
  • Being Agile About Architecture, Joseph Yoder
  • Blockchain Is the Answer—Redux, Harald Wesenberg
  • Breaking the Game: Analytics Revolutions in Baseball (Keynote), Dan Fox
  • Breaking the Game: Analytics Revolutions in Baseball (Artist Rendering of Keynote), David Biber
  • Can Software Architecture Be Used to Support Innovation?, Pierre Pureur
  • Continuous Design of IT Systems, George Fairbanks
  • Creating, Reviewing, and Succeeding with Architecture Decision Records, Ken Power
  • Data Necromancy: Bring Your Data Strategy Back from the Dead, Bovard Doerschuk-Tiberi
  • Democratization of AI/ML: Machine Learning for the Masses, Ryan Luckay and Tracy Bannon
  • Design Leadership, Ruth Malan
  • Detecting and Tracking Enterprise Technical Debt, Felix Bachmann and Stephany Bellomo
  • Developing an IIoT System Using Microservices and Its Architectural Evaluation Using ATAM, Sercan Çıdem
  • Distributed Tracing in Serverless Systems, Shannon Hogue
  • Domain-Driven Design of Big Data Systems, Babu Samuel
  • Function Composition in a Serverless World, Josh Hurt
  • Fundamental IDEALS for Designing Modern Service-Based Systems, Paulo Merson and Joseph Yoder (No File)
  • GraphQL + Ruby = Love, David Litvak
  • Impact of Functional Safety on Software Architecture, Michael Turner
  • Legacy to Cloud-Native Modernization in GCP, Andriy Shapochka
  • Linda Northrop Software Architecture Award Presentation (Siemens Healthineers), Frances Paulisch and Jürgen Vaupel
  • Measure Your Agile Architecture Maturity, Eltjo Poort
  • Microservices: Confidentiality Hates Decoupling, Jawad Damir
  • Modeling Microservices with DDD, Paulo Merson and Joseph Yoder
  • Modernizing Legacy Systems to Virtual, Cloud-Based, Software-Defined Infrastructures, Rajesh Murthy
  • Monitoring and Supporting Microservices, Sairam Tadigadapa and Nidhi Swamy
  • Multi-workplace Biometrics Sign-on Using Serverless Architecture in the Cloud, Andrzej Knafel
  • OSDU and the Master Data Repository Pattern, Einar Landre
  • Post Hoc Systems Architecture: An Argument for Microservices First, Anastas Stoyanovsky, Charles Gala, and Aiton Goldman
  • Quick Wins for Modernizing Legacy Applications with Serverless, Vamsi Chemitiganti
  • Reactive for the Impatient, Mary Grygleski
  • Re-engineering an Existing App to Be Cloud Agnostic, Adam Wynne and Ying Liu
  • Scaling Up Incremental Design Reviews, Felix Bachmann and Stephany Bellomo
  • Serverless Continuous Delivery with Azure DevOps, Thijmen de Gooijer
  • Serverless Integrations on Kubernetes/OpenShift, Kurt Stam
  • Smart Decisions: An Architecture Design Game for IoT Solutions, Yaroslav Pidstryhach, Serhiy Haziyev, Rick Kazman, and Shaun Greene
  • Tangible Ecosystem Design: Architecting Digital Ecosystems for Disruptive Services, Matthias Naab
  • Technical Debt Management as Transparent Communication Hub, Matthias Kittner
  • The DRY Principle Is Misunderstood, Steven Solomon
  • The Testing Infrastructure Freeway: An Infrastructure Architect's Journey, Bryan Osterkamp
  • Understanding Blockchains, Len Bass
  • Value-Driven Architecture Documentation, Eltjo Poort
  • Visual Thinking: A Prerequisite for Democratic Design, Michael Keeling and Owen Keeling
  • You Build It, You Secure It: Higher Velocity and Better Security with DevSecOps, Anders Wallgren
  • You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello: Bridging the Gap Between Dev and Ops, Anders Wallgren