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Defending Your Computer Network from DNS Hijacking

April 2019 Video
Eliezer Kanal, Daniel Ruef

This SEI Cyber Talk episode provides an overview of how DNS and network traffic work and how adversaries use DNS hijacking to steal sensitive information.


Software Engineering Institute



Recently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a warning about DNS hijacking and how website owners can protect themselves against it. To explain what DNS hijacking is and how adversaries use it to steal sensitive information, Elli Kanal and Daniel Ruef give a high-level overview of how DNS and network traffic work. They discuss how servers communicate with each other, what kind of information servers send to each other and why, and how adversaries can hijack that information. Finally, Elli and Daniel give some advice about what website owners might do to monitor their websites to make sure that adversaries have not hijacked their DNS.

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