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Debrief of the Growing Great Software Designers Workshop

May 2018 Presentation
George Fairbanks (Google), Michael Keeling (IBM Watson Group)

This presentation summarizes discussion from the Growing Great Software Designers Workshop, including challenges and suggestions for today's software shops.


Software Engineering Institute



Since 2015, Michael Keeling and George Fairbanks have facilitated a workshop on the Monday before the SATURN Conference to bring together a group of interested and enthusiastic participants to focus on a topic that is emerging as important for software architects. The topic for 2018, Growing Great Software Designers, provided an opportunity to share what we have learned and are applying in our day jobs. Invited participants heard and shared stories of valiant attempts, grand strategies, energizing wins, and humbling defeats in this area. At the end of the workshop, the group worked to generalize and distill their discussions so that others can benefit from them. This debrief of the workshop will share with the SATURN community those suggestions, practices, ah-ha! moments, and challenges that must be overcome in today's software shops.