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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

May 2018 Presentation
Arturo Pie (Nulogy)

Writing infrastructure as code is a considerable initial investment. This presentation shows how Terraform reduces the cost of implementing and maintaining IaC.


Software Engineering Institute




Many companies manage all or part of their infrastructure via manual processes and/or very inflexible scripts. These manual processes are slow, error prone, hard to debug, and impossible to validate. Documentation of the infrastructure is often missing or not up to date. Test and production environments tend to differ as more manual changes are applied to them. The knowledge of how to change the infrastructure is in only a few people's heads, making it hard for developers to deliver the functionality they need.

All these problems can be solved with code because code is powerful.

In this presentation, you will learn the benefits of using infrastructure as code, Terraform basics (providers, variables, outputs, data, resources, interpolation), and how to launch a web server using Terraform. There will be a hands-on session; participants will write Terraform code to deploy a new web app to EC2 with "Zero Down Time" deployments.