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Are Containers the New Golden Hammer?

May 2018 Presentation
Tracy Bannon (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Lori Olson (Deloitte Consulting LLP)

Are containers the golden hammer to solve all our cloud problems? This talk explains that the key to using this technology is designing your container strategy.


Software Engineering Institute


The container ecosystem is growing rapidly, and there is a rush to adopt this technology even as vendors standardize. Many enterprise implementations run the risk of falling into the golden hammer anti-pattern by applying it whenever and wherever possible. Join this talk for a deep dive to establish a common taxonomy and definition of containers, investigate practical use cases, and identify key components and decisions points for creating a container strategy. Containers are often treated like virtual machines, when there are so many richer capabilities possible.

Participants will learn what using containers solves—and doesn't solve; key concepts for architecting containers and effective layering decisions; tried and true architectural techniques for working with container-driven architectures versus new tools and their value (PaaS, orchestration, managers); managing and maintaining containers (tools can't replace strategy even if they reduce complexity—it's never as simple as "just change a layer"); and practical tips from the field.