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Cloud-Native Patterns/Anti-Patterns and How to Find Them in Enterprise Systems

May 2018 Presentation
Vishal Prabhu (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Sean Gilbert (Deloitte Consulting LLP), Siva Muthu (Deloitte Consulting)

This talk covers cloud-native patterns and anti-patterns for assessing cloud suitability of .NET and Java applications and demonstrates an anti-pattern detection tool.


Software Engineering Institute




Most enterprises understand the value of the cloud but have a significant drag on their ability to define a path forward. While cloud strategies are being defined and target states identified, enterprises typically lack resources, funding, and skill sets to refactor applications for the cloud.

Mining cloud-native patterns/anti-patterns has established a rule set for assessing cloud suitability of .NET and Java enterprise applications. These rules assess the vulnerabilities, performance, availability, dependencies, scalability, portability, and code quality attributes in the application. In this presentation, we will examine a few critical samples of 350-plus rules for Java applications and 250-plus rules for .NET applications identified so far to assess an application's cloud readiness. These rules form the basis of the cloud assessment tool's rule set that we are implementing as the SonarQube plugin. The tool helps enterprises accelerate cloud adoption by assessing application code in minutes instead of months. The tool has been used successfully in multiple enterprise assessments and helped migrate existing systems to cloud.

Attendees will learn the cloud-native patterns/anti-patterns for assessing cloud suitability of .NET and Java enterprise applications and the common challenges in enterprise systems migrating to cloud.