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Enterprise IT: Architecture to the Rescue

May 2018 Presentation
Jørn Ølmheim (Statoil ASA)

This talk shows how Statoil has set up a company-wide network of architects, both on the business side and on the IT side, who work together.


Software Engineering Institute




Architecture contains the potential to guide the development of big enterprise in the right direction, connecting the existing IT portfolio to the business functions and using this as a map to guide future development. This talk will show you how we have set up a company-wide network of architects both on the business side and on the IT side that work together. They span the different business functions in order to handle both the internal architecture for each business function and, more importantly, the interface between the business functions. A key part of this is taking advantage of new ways of working, such as design thinking and DevOps—as well as new technology, such as microservices, machine learning, Hadoop data lakes, and web-based and mobile clients.