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May 2018 Presentation
Min Chen (LinkedIn)

This presentation describes how the open-source framework can transform your legacy monolithic application into modern microservice architecture.


Software Engineering Institute




Eager to transform a legacy application to modern microservice architecture, but having trouble finding an appropriate REST framework that covers your client, server, documentation, and discovery needs? may be the answer. It has successfully transformed LinkedIn from a monolithic application to a microservice-based architecture with a scale of thousands of rapidly evolving services. is an open source REST client/server framework for building robust, scalable RESTful architectures using asynchronous/non-blocking IO. Compared to other popular RESTful frameworks, fills a niche by standardizing an end-to-end developer workflow to promote clean REST best practices.

As an open source project, we are striving to promote multi-language client support and pluggable architecture. already supports Java, Android, iOS, Python and C#, and its custom codec and filter chain provide great room for customization. The framework has been proven to create robust RESTful service architectures that can work at scale from its wide adoption at LinkedIn and Coursera.