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SATURN 2018 Presentations

May 2018 Presentation

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2018 (May 7-10, 2018, in Plano/Dallas, Texas)


Software Engineering Institute



In 2018, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference celebrated its 14th year. As the premier software architecture conference for senior engineers, SATURN 2018 offered keynotes and sessions on both essential skills and cutting-edge methods for software architects.
Sessions and presentations included:
  • A Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)-Based ERP, Charles Chow
  • A Journey to the Center of the Clouds, Jørn Ølmheim
  • A Radio Astronomer and an Architect Walk into a Bar..., John Klein
  • A Token Walks into a SPA..., Ado Kukic
  • Architectural Hoisting: Or How I Learned to Stop Writing Breaking Code and Love the Architecture, Joe Runde, Michael Keeling, and Charles Gala
  • Architectural Tradeoffs in Learning-Based Software, Pooyan Jamshidi
  • Architecture of the CARUSO Ecosystem: Bringing a Marketplace for Car-Related Data and Services Up to Speed, Matthias Naab and Jens Knodel
  • Architecture Principles for Data Privacy of Cloud-Based Medical-Device Services, Andrzej Knafel
  • Are Containers the New Golden Hammer?, Tracy Bannon and Lori Olson
  • Azure Table Storage: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, Sirar Salih
  • Betting on Evolutionary Architecture: A Note on Software Architecture as Code, James Lewis
  • Blockchain Is the Answer. What Was the Question Again?, Harald Wesenberg
  • Changing the World a Service at a Time: A Tale of the Transition of a Large-Scale Data Processing System to an IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Paradigm, Gerry Tucker
  • Cloud-Native Patterns/Anti-Patterns and How to Find Them in Enterprise Systems, Vishal Prabhu, Sean Gilbert, and Siva Muthu
  • Continuous Delivery with Containers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Daniel Bryant
  • Debrief of the Growing Great Software Designers Workshop, George Fairbanks and Michael Keeling
  • Enterprise IT: Architecture to the Rescue, Jørn Ølmheim
  • Evaluation of Legacy Software Architecture, Michael Turner
  • FamilySearch’s Family Tree Web Application: Replacing Relational Database Technology and Transitioning to Cloud-Hosted Computing, Randy A. Ynchausti
  • Feed Your Inner Data Scientist: JavaScript Tools for Data Visualization and Filtering, Doug Mair
  • Fixing Under Fire, Michael Lipschultz and Aiton Goldman
  • From Mainframes to Microservices: Lessons Learned in Modernizing High-Demand Applications, Lori Olson
  • Green Cloud: Sustainable Open Source Cloud Architecture on ARM64, Kurt Stam
  • Handling Personal Information in LinkedIn's Content Ingestion System, David Max
  • How Do Software Architects Find the Way to User Experience? With Google Maps!, Matthias Naab and Marcus Trapp
  • How to Measure Anything! ... Or Actually Just Quality Attributes, Sebastian von Conrad
  • How to "Talk" to Your Software: Alexa, Google, Watson, and Cortana, a Side-by-Side Comparison of Cloud Speech Recognition APIs, Arila Barnes
  • Industrial Experiences with Automated Software Architecture Measurement, Yuanfang Cai and Rick Kazman
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, Arturo Pie
  • (Keynote) The Whys and Hows of Evolutionary Architecture, Rebecca Parsons
  • (Keynote) Uncoupling, Michael Nygard
  • Manage Your Technical Debt Portfolio, Michael Keeling and Michael Lipschultz
  • Managing Data Consistency in a Microservice Architecture Using Sagas, Chris Richardson
  • Marvin AI: An Open Source Platform to Deploy and Manage Machine Learning Models, Daniel Takabayashi and Jeremy Elster
  • Migrating from Oracle to Espresso, David Max
  • No Coding Required: Building a Kubernetes Native IPaaS, Kurt Stam
  • Orchestrating AWS Lambda with Step Functions, Matt Williams
  • Reactive DDD: Modeling Uncertainty, Vaughn Vernon
  • Refactoring to Functional Architecture Patterns, George Fairbanks
  • RESTful Service Architecture at Scale with Asynchronous/Non-blocking IO, Min Chen
  • Scaling Services with an In-Memory Distributed Caches, Chirag Aggarwal and Divya Nagar
  • Shorten Your Architectural Feedback Loop, Eltjo Poort
  • Smart Decisions Game: Machine Learning for Architects, Rick Kazman, Serhiy Haziyev, and Iurii Milovanov
  • The Ethical Software Architect, Eltjo Poort and Michael Keeling
  • Tiered Blockchain Mechanisms for High-Integrity Outcomes, Ryan Luckay
  • Whom to Marry? Agile Experiments for Tough Architecture Decisions, Thijmen de Gooijer and Elisabeth Blom