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Analysis of Lead Assessor Feedback for CBA IPI Assessments Conducted July 1998-October 1999

April 2000 Technical Report
Donna K. Dunaway, Mui Leng Seow, Michele Baker

This document consolidates and analyzes information from Lead Assessor Requirements.


Software Engineering Institute

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In the Appraiser Program of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), authorized Lead Assessors lead Capability Maturity Model-Based Appraisals for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI). At the conclusion of each assessment, they are required to submit certain artifacts to the SEI. Data from assessments is recorded to provide the community with information on the state of the software community's process maturity, as related to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Software Version 1.1.  

Additional feedback data are required of a Lead Assessor in order to monitor the consistency of use of the assessment method for quality control purposes. Data are collected from Lead Assessors, assessment team members, and sponsors of the assessments. The results reported in this document reflect information sent to the SEI by Lead Assessors through a Lead Assessor's Requirements Checklist. The checklist aids the Lead Assessors in keeping track of their implementation of each of the method's requirements. The checklist also provides information back to the community regarding metrics being reported by Lead Assessors; this helps in more effective planning for future assessments. In addition, the checklist acts as a quality control mechanism to monitor the consistency of use of each of the method's activities.