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  • January 2012
  • P-SQUARE was designed for stakeholders, requirements engineers, and administrators and supports the security and privacy aspects of SQUARE.
  • Cybersecurity Engineering SQUARE
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract

    SQUARE for Privacy, also known as P-SQUARE, is a robust tool to support SQUARE that was developed by a team of Carnegie Mellon Master of Software Engineering students with oversight by staff in the SEI's CERT Division.

    The P-SQUARE tool, designed for use by stakeholders, requirements engineers, and administrators, supports both the security and privacy aspects of SQUARE by

    • recording definitions and searching and adding new terms
    • identifying the project business goals, assets, and security and/or privacy goals
    • adding or editing links to project artifacts
    • performing risk assessment and identify threats
    • comparing and selecting security and/or privacy elicitation techniques
    • linking the elicited requirements to goals, risks, and artifacts
    • classifying requirements based on predefined categories
    • prioritizing security and/or privacy requirements
    • inspecting requirements, viewing traceability to risks and artifacts, and exporting requirements to tools such as Requisite Pro

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