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    CERT SiLK IPset is a distribution that contains a library and a set of command line tools for building and manipulating IPset files, which are binary files containing a set of IP addresses. SiLK IPset is designed for those who wish to use IPsets but who don't need the entire SiLK tool suite. It includes four command line tools:

    1. rwsetbuild reads (textual) IP addresses in canonical form or in CIDR notation from an input file or from the standard input and writes a binary IPset file.
    2. rwsetcat prints the contents of a binary IPset file as text.
    3. rwsetmember determines whether the IP address or CIDR block specified on the command line is contained in an IPset.
    4. rwsettool performs union, intersection, difference, and sampling functions on the input IPset files, generating a new IPset file.

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