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  • Abstract

    There are three CERT JIRA Plugins:

    • Automated Task Creator (ATC) creates any number of new JIRA issues based on a trigger. The trigger can either be the creation of a new issue or a workflow transition. The newly created issue's data is completely configurable, except for the project.
    • Email Attachment Handler creates a new JIRA issue from incoming S/MIME- and PGP-encrypted single- or multi-part emails. If the incoming email is just text/plain, its data is used to create the issue. If the incoming email is multi-part and there is a single RFC-822 attachment, it is interrogated and used to create a new JIRA issue. This approach allows a user to "forward as an attachment" and have the forwarded email be the input for a new JIRA issue.
    • Common Code is a library of common code that is shared by both ATC and EAH. This library was coded and tested with JIRA version 4.4.x.

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