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CERT Cif2Stix

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    CERT Cif2Stix is a plug-in for CIF that consists of Perl and Python modules. The Perl-based CIF plug-in passes JSON-like (objects in {}, but no commas in between) formatted result of a CIF query to Python-based STIX/Cybox document builder. The STIX/CyBox builder can be run as an independent application with two options: (1) take a name of a file with multiple JSON objects separated by commas (the same as CIF JSON output) and optionally the name of the output file and output one STIX/CyBox document, or (2) take a path to a directory with JSON-like files (the same as CIF JSON output), a path to an output directory, and optionally a pattern for input file names, and output a STIX/CyBox document per input file.

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