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An Online Learning Approach to Information Systems Security Education

June 2011 White Paper
Norman Bier (Carnegie Mellon University), Marsha Lovett (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert C. Seacord

In this paper, the authors describe the development of a secure coding module that shows how to capture content, ensure learning, and scale to meet demand.


Software Engineering Institute


The demand for information systems security education has never been higher, while the availability of high-quality information systems security instruction and of well-qualified instructors are both extremely limited. Meeting the demand requires converting teaching from an individual activity to a community-based research activity. As a result, Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative and the Software Engineering Institute's CERT® Program have collaborated in the development of an online secure coding module that exemplifies how to capture expert content, ensure high-quality learning, and scale to meet rapidly growing demand. This paper describes this effort and how high-quality information systems security instruction can be scaled to meet existing and projected demand.