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Making the Switch to "Serverless" Full-Stack Development

May 2017 Presentation
David Aktary (AktaryTech)

This session covers what serverless really means, the differences among providers, why to consider using a serverless architecture, and how to implement one.


Software Engineering Institute



"Serverless" is a newly popular buzzword and, as with many technology buzzwords, is a complete misnomer ("cloud," anyone?). In this session, we will discuss what serverless really means, what the differences are among various providers, why you would consider using a serverless architecture, and how you would implement one. We'll discuss greenfield development as well as a migration path for existing web applications. Other topics will include how the development workflow will change and why, what testing will look like in a serverless world, and some pitfalls to avoid. While a serverless approach can be applied to applications written in a variety of languages, JavaScript will be the language used for this talk, so we will examine some popular serverless JavaScript frameworks, including apex.js, claudia.js, and serverless.js. If you're interested in full-stack development, DevOps, microservice architecture, containers, cutting operational costs, or just keeping up with the latest application architecture approaches, this talk is for you. For this 90-minute, interactive, participatory workshop, you will need a laptop, a GitHub account, and an Amazon AWS account.