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Real-Life SOA Transformation: A Journey at Rackspace from Monolithic to SOA and Beyond

May 2017 Presentation
Marco Cuellar (Rackspace), Yogeshwar Srikrishnan (Rackspace)

An enterprise-wide transformation like moving to SOA is not an easy task. A team of Rackspace architects will share their transformation journey and future plans.


Software Engineering Institute




Rackspace has been in a hyper growth pattern for many years. The rate of change has presented significant challenges for the software transformation journey we experience in a fast-moving environment, where agility and producing tangible, timely business output is the key. In this presentation, a team of architects from Rackspace will present the enterprise-wide SOA transformation that we are guiding at Rackspace. We'll detail the legacy ESB mayhem, use cases and decisions, introducing service-oriented architecture, our progress toward continuous integration and delivery, RESTifying Rackspace, lessons learned from this project, and future plans. At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to relate our case study to similar technological transformation challenges they face at their organizations and to apply some of the suggested guidelines for accomplishing large-scale technology transformations.