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Cloud Detour: Resiliency Testing Tool for Cloud Resources

May 2017 Presentation
Sathiya Shunmugasundaram (Capital One), Gnani Dathathreya (Capital One)

Cloud Detour—a chaos-engineering discipline—subjects applications to failures in the cloud and helps you weigh them against resiliency levels.


Software Engineering Institute



The cloud has enabled reduced time to market and low startup cost in the software industry, but designing applications with resiliency is an enormous task. While the cloud is ubiquitous, cloud failures are unavoidable, unpredictable, and risks to the systems. Traditional approaches can't predict all failure modes because of changing data conditions, complex request patterns, ever-increasing innovation, and growing scale. Chaos engineering is a discipline to simulate failures. In this talk, we describe our Cloud Detour solution, a chaos engineering approach that subjects applications to failures in the cloud and helps them weigh against resiliency levels. Mission-critical applications can register themselves to test against several failure scenarios and demonstrate their resiliency level. Cloud Detour can help you develop solutions that provide adequate resiliency and a solid disaster recovery strategy.