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Microservices in the Cloud Using Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins

May 2017 Presentation
Kurt Stam (Red Hat)

This presentation introduces Docker and Kubernetes, dives into microservices development and deployment using CI/CD pipelines, and shows a demo of a cloud-in-a-box.


Software Engineering Institute



Designing, developing, and deploying microservices is changing dramatically with the introduction of container technology like Docker. Individual microservices are deployed via immutable containers, and with a growing number of containers the need to manage them becomes critical. Kubernetes is an open-source specification as well as a reference implementation for container orchestration. Applications can be built, tested, and deployed via continuous integration and delivery pipelines using an integration of Kubernetes and Jenkins pipelines. This presentation will give an introduction to Docker and Kubernetes and then dive into microservices development and deployment using CI/CD pipelines. The open-source nature of the full stack allows deployment to public as well as private clouds. One of the demos will run on a cloud-in-a-box mini private cloud running on ARM64-based open-source hardware.