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Story of an Architect Growing up in Mr. Agile's Neighborhood

May 2017 Presentation
Amine Chigani (Current by GE)

If the Agile Manifesto were a boy, he'd be a high school junior today. This talk presents some stories about growing up in this kid's neighborhood.


Software Engineering Institute



I wrote my first program in the Spring of 2001, around the same time Mr. Agile moved into my neighborhood. I didn’t get to know him until early 2004 when his entourage grew into a dedicated community of fans and followers. Back then, I had one trusted mentor and an old friend, Mr. Architecture. Becoming friends with Mr. Agile was new and exciting but brought challenges to my relationship with my old friend. Therefore, growing up as a software professional was about learning how I could maintain friendships with both, reconcile their differences, and become better at what I do because of it. In a nutshell, I grew up in Mr. Agile's world.

In this DEV@SATURN talk, I'll narrate the story about growing up as friends with Mr. Agile and Mr. Architecture. I don't intend to indulge the "agile vs. architecture" debate. On the contrary, I'll annotate my story with examples from our journeys together, sharing experiences with some of Mr. Agile's friends who advocated architecture sabotage as well as situations where the outcomes were better because I had a foot in both neighborhoods and had won the internal struggle about how to reconcile them. Join me in this talk—I’m sure you’ll find resemblances to your own journey.