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Software Solutions Symposium 2017 - Informational Brochure

  • Abstract

    All organizations depend on software. In industry and government—and especially in the Department of Defense—software bears the responsibility every time a system gains a new capability. More and more, organizations have to balance the rapid evolution of systems and the development of increasingly complex capabilities with the need to modernize and sustain aging software systems. Agility is a must, yet it can't come at the expense of security and resilience.

    At the symposium senior researchers and practitioners who have spent years making the most complex systems and software work in industry and government programs will join together to offer half-day tutorials, talks, and panel discussions. The symposium also provides a forum for networking and participation outside of formal sessions. Attendees can share the challenges that keep them up at night, hear from others who've been there, and influence the SEI research agenda.

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