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An Architecturally Evident Coding Style

May 2013 Presentation
George Fairbanks (Rhino Research)

A presentation given at the SATURN 201 conference, held April 29 - May 3, 2013, in Minneapolis, MN.


Software Engineering Institute



Because of Eric Evans's Domain-Driven Design, software developers are already familiar with embedding domain models in their code. But the architecture and design are usually hard to see from the code. How can you improve that? This talk describes an architecturally evident coding style that lets you drop hints to code readers so that they can correctly infer the design. You will learn why some design intent (the intentional part) is always lost between your design/architecture and your code. This presentation builds on ideas like Kent Beck's Intention Revealing Method Name pattern and provides a set of lightweight coding patterns and idioms that let you express your design intent in the code.