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Using ATAM to Select the Right NoSQL Database

May 2013 Presentation
Dan McCreary (Kelly-McCreary & Associates)

A presentation from the ninth annual SATURN conference, held in Minneapolis, MN, April 29 - May 3, 2013.


Software Engineering Institute



New NoSQL databases offer more options to the database architect. Selecting the right NoSQL database for your project has become a nontrivial task. Yet selecting the right database can result in huge cost savings and increased agility. This presentation will show how the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) can be applied to objectively select the best database architecture for a project. We review the core NoSQL database architecture patterns (key-value stores, column-family stores, graph databases, and document databases) and then present examples of using quality trees to score business problems with alternative architectures. We also address creative ways to use combinations of NoSQL architectures, cloud database services, and frameworks such as Hadoop, HDFS, and MapReduce to build back-end solutions that combine low operational costs and horizontal scalability. The presentation includes real-world case studies of this process.

This process is outlined in the book Making Sense of NoSQL, published by Manning Publications.