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Secure DevOps Collection

  • This collection provides useful information about implementing DevOps in your organization.
  • Workforce Development
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • DevOps is a modern software development approach that brings development and operations teams together to improve efficiency and outcomes by focusing on shared business goals. DevOps follows and expands upon key principles of the Agile software development and Lean engineering movements and represents a fundamental shift in how large, distributed enterprise organizations develop and deliver software.

    By cultivating cross-functional collective engagement in software development projects throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). DevOps affects the people, processes, and technology of an organization and requires adopting and implementing cutting-edge practices based on the primary tenants of collaborative culture, automation, data-driven processes, infrastructure as code, and ubiquitous, real-time system monitoring.

    In addition to our DevOps blog and DevOps Tips blog posts, the following publications describe the benefits of DevOps as well as what our experts can do to help you implement DevOps in your organization.

  • Secure Lifecycle Solutions January 2017 Author(s): Our innovative engineering methods and solutions help you address your organization's challenging cybersecurity problems.