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Applying Architectural Patterns for the Cloud: Lessons Learned During Pattern Mining and Application

May 2013 Presentation
Ralph Retter (Daimler TSS)

A presentation from the ninth annual SATURN conference, held in Minneapolis, MN, April 29 - May 3, 2013.


Software Engineering Institute


When dealing with cloud computing in large enterprises, architects are often challenged by questions such as "Which cloud infrastructure is right for our enterprise?" "Is this application suitable for the cloud?" and "Why isn't it as easy to deploy an application in our data center as it is to deploy an application in my favorite public cloud?" In large enterprises, cloud computing initiatives often begin from an infrastructure-automation point of view. And often, they remain infrastructure-centric for a long time, ultimately losing the business and application focus on the way.

In this talk, the presenter shares his and others' experiences in several large enterprises to approach cloud computing from an application-architecture point of view that he and colleagues from academia and different enterprises formalized in a set of patterns for the cloud. He shows how these patterns have been mined and used to describe the architecture of cloud-native applications that support fundamental cloud principles. From there, the presenter shows how to work your way down to architectural requirements that cloud-native applications pose on the underlying infrastructure and platforms using the presented pattern language.

This presentation will show how typical patterns of cloud-platform and cloud-infrastructure offerings tackle the problems of massively scalable, highly available data stores and messaging. The presenter explains his experience with such platforms and how their properties impact application design and sometimes even business decisions. The presenter also shows how he and others have used the presented patterns to evaluate different cloud offerings for their suitability for concrete applications. After this talk, you will have a clear understanding of

  • how to approach cloud computing from an application-architecture point of view, not only in large enterprises
  • essential architecture patterns for cloud-native applications
  • patterns for the vendor-neutral description of fundamental cloud-related properties of cloud offerings and their impact on application design and even business decisions
  • the pattern-language that the presenter and his colleagues from academia and other enterprises have used to tackle cloud-related tasks, including their application in an anonymized case study