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Moving Target Defense

  • Imagine a brick wall, a strong door, a gate or something like that. All those defenses, what they evoke is this kind of big monolithic, static set of walls, OK? Within enterprise networks, what we find is that that gives a lot of opportunity to our attackers to understand what we do.
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    Dynamic network defense (or moving target defense) is based on a simple premise: a moving target is harder to attack than a stationary target. In recent years the government has invested substantially into moving target and adaptive cyber defense. This rapidly growing field has seen recent developments of many new technologies—defenses that range from shuffling of client-to-server assignments to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, to packet header rewriting, to rebooting servers. As researchers develop new technologies, they need a centralized reference platform where new technologies can be vetted to see where they complement each other and where they do not, as well as a standard against which future technologies can be evaluated. In this podcast, Andrew Mellinger, a senior software developer in the SEI's Emerging Technology Center discusses work to develop a platform to organize dynamic defenses.


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  • Andrew O. Mellinger

    Andrew O. Mellinger joined the SEI’s Emerging Technology Center in April 2012. Mellinger’s work focuses ontransitioning and operationalizing software and hardware research, with experience in a wide variety of areas such as device drivers, color and video processing applications, embedded systems for robotics, radiation oncology visualization and treatment, and near-real-time command and control situational awareness platforms. As well as providing development support, Mellinger provides project topsight through the entire software development lifecycle with a particular emphasis on using Lean and Agile philosophies and methods and human-centered design.