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Four Pillars for Improving the Quality of Safety-Critical Software-Reliant Systems

April 2013 White Paper
Peter H. Feiler, John B. Goodenough, Arie Gurfinkel, Charles B. Weinstock, Lutz Wrage

This white paper presents an improvement strategy comprising four pillars of an integrate-then-build practice that lead to improved quality through early defect discovery and incremental end-to-end validation and verification.


Software Engineering Institute


Studies of safety-critical software-reliant systems developed using the current practices of build-then-test show that requirements and architecture design defects make up approximately 70% of all defects, 80% of which are discovered late in the development lifecycle. We present four pillars of an improvement strategy for an integrate-then-build practice that result in early defect discovery and increased confidence through incremental end-to-end system validation and verification throughout the lifecycle.