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Air Force Intelligence and Agile

  • June 2016
  • The SEI Bulletin is a biweekly newsletter designed to keep you up to date on SEI news, events, research, and other matters of interest to the SEI community.
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute - SEI Bulletin
  • Abstract

    In this issue:

    • Cyber Lightning Exercise Helps Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Units Learn and Test New Skills
    • SEI Podcast Series: Evolving Air Force Intelligence With Agile Techniques
    • SEI Blog: Got Technical Debt? Track Technical Debt to Improve Your Development Practices
    • Events: How to Build an Effective Insider Threat Program to Comply With the New NISPOM Mandate
    • Events: 13th SEI Software Engineering Workshop for Educators
    • SEI Jobs
    • Training Opportunities

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