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SATURN 2016 Presentations

May 2016 Presentation

Presentations from the program of SATURN 2016 (May 2-5, 2016, in San Diego, California)


Software Engineering Institute



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In 2016, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference celebrated its 12th year. As the premier software architecture conference for senior engineers, SATURN 2016 offered keynotes and sessions on both essential skills and cutting-edge methods for software architects.

Presentations and sessions included:

  • 12 Factor Apps: A Scorecard, Matt Momont
  • Adapting Architecture Practices to Changing Times—From What to Why and Back Again (Keynote), Eltjo Poort
  • Agile Architecture Roadmapping, Eltjo Poort
  • An Inverse Evaluation of Netflix Architecture Using ATAM, Stefan Toth
  • A Platform for Provisioning Integrated Data and Visualization Capabilities, Gerry Giese
  • Applying Architecture Techniques to Anchor System Evolution Roadmaps, Alejandro Bianchi and Andres Diaz-Pace
  • A Quality Attributes Guide for Space Flight Software Architects, Lorainne Fesq, Jonathan Wilmot, and Daniel Dvorak
  • Architecting Agile Businesses: A Guideline for the Business-Oriented Software Architect, Kaine Ugwu
  • Architecting the Unknown (Keynote), Grady Booch
  • Architecting the Unknown (Artist Rendering), MJ Broadbent
  • Architectural Refactoring, David Adsit
  • Architecture and the Evolution of Complex Systems (Artist Rendering), Joseph Salvo
  • Architecture-Led Pedagogical Artifacts as a Unifying Theme, John McGregor and Roselane Silva
  • Beyond REST, Yogeshwar Srikrishnan
  • Big Analog Data™, New Architectures to Realize New Insights, Jamie Smith
  • Bridging System Architecture, Charles Chow
  • Building a Data-Friendly Platform for a Data-Driven Future, Ben Hindman
  • Can't Find Superheroes to Help You Out of a Crisis? How About Some Architecture and Lots of Superglue?, Adam Bar-Niv and Amir Shenhav
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized Approaches to SOA: Hamilton vs. Jefferson, Michael Keeling and George Fairbanks
  • Chasing Critical Code Anomalies with JSpIRIT, J. Andres Diaz-Pace, Santiago Vidal, and Claudia Marcos
  • Code Review Is an Architectural Necessity, Colin Dean
  • Cognitive IoT, Amit Fisher
  • Continuous Architecture, Pierre Pureur and Erder Murat
  • Discover Quality Requirements with the Mini-QAW, Will Chaparro, Michael Keeling, and Thijmen de Gooijer
  • Draw It Out: The Power of Visual Communication, MJ Broadbent and Amine Chigani
  • Ethics as a Quality Attribute, Michael Keeling
  • Evolutionary Architecture, Patrick Kua
  • Evolution of a Data-Streaming Solution, Joseph Paulchel
  • Flow Mapping: Visualizing User Stories Against Complex Interactions, Amber Haley
  • Frankensteining Software: Recycling Parts of Legacy Systems, Jennifer Manning and Joseph Kramer
  • Getting Your System to Production and Keeping It There, Eoin Woods
  • Going Bezirk: Things Plus Cloud Do Not Equal IoT, João de Sousa and Cory Henson
  • Growing Up with Globalization, Andrew Turgeon
  • How to Manage a Network of Software Architects Within Your Company, Frances Paulisch and Ruediger Kreuter
  • Introduction to Scala and Spark, Brad Rubin
  • IoT in Statoil: Present and Future, Jørn Ølmheim, Jarle Kallevik, Einar Landre, and Harald Wesenberg
  • IoT Lab, Paul Langdon
  • IoT Reference Architectures and Case Studies, Serhiy Haziyev and Yulian Slobodyan
  • MarshmalloWars: A Gamification Experience, Marcelo Luis Walter and Juliano Ribeiro
  • Microservices Beyond the Hype, Paulo Merson
  • Model-Minded Development, George Fairbanks
  • Reflections on Software Architecture, Linda M. Northrop
  • Rethinking Software Design (Keynote), Daniel Jackson
  • Rethinking Software Design (Artist Rendering), MJ Broadbent
  • Security Design Refinement Through Mapping Tactics to Patterns, Jungwoo Ryoo and Rick Kazman
  • Software Architecture and Design Practices for Industrial IoT, Alisher Maksumov and Michelangelo Russo
  • Strategic Prototyping for Developing Big-Data Systems, Rick Kazman, Serhiy Haziyev, Hong-Mei Chen, and Olha Hrytsay
  • The Business Model Canvas Pattern: From Concept to Product Architecture in an Agile World, Arila Barnes
  • The Demise of Enterprise IT, Jørn Ølmheim
  • The Journey to Hybrid Cloud: Considerations for Architecting Your Enterprise Roadmap (No File), Tracy Bannon, Jacques de Villiers, and Sebnem Tokcan
  • The Tale of Three ATAMs for the Same Project, Andrzej Knafel
  • UPDATE Your VIEW on DELETE: The Benefits of Event Sourcing, Sebastian von Conrad
  • U.S. Air Force Software Engineering Efficiency and Productivity for Information Operations, Paul Braden
  • What Did the Smart Thing Say? Semantic Interoperability for the IoT, Cory Henson and João de Sousa
  • Zen of Software Architecture, Bett Bollhoefer