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CERT Cybersecurity Training & Education Catalog

  • Abstract

    CERT security training helps you use your knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully and effectively resist, recognize, and recover from attacks on networked systems. The CERT approach to security training builds your knowledge, skills, and experience in a continuous cycle of professional development.

    We developed CERT training and certificate programs that help you learn how to tackle cybersecurity challenges. The right training can help you by providing

    • knowledge, skill development, and experience most relevant to your responsibilities
    • a high level of cybersecurity proficiency
    • a focus on high-priority, high-payoff elements of cybersecurity
    • efficient and effective approaches you can apply in your organization
    • affordable, high-quality training solutions
    • scalable training solutions that can reach all relevant staff in your organization

    We have also responded to your need for flexible training options by developing
    remote training capabilities. Our STEP (Simulation, Training, and Exercise Platform)
    environment provides "anytime, anywhere" access to materials that include
    demonstrations, hands-on training labs, and an exercise environment that allows
    you to improve your skills through realistic and flexible training scenarios.

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