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Culture Shock: Unlocking DevOps with Collaboration and Communication

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    DevOps is all about delivering business value as rapidly as possible. Embracing its philosophies goes beyond implementing automation and tooling to speed software development and delivery. DevOps is a culture of communication and collaboration.

    For many of us, shifting to this new culture can create organizational "culture shock," or discomfort by those suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. DevOps is not something you purchase or have implemented by a DevOps Engineer. Instead, a shared vision and common goals across teams and team members are critical to making a successful culture transformation.

    Join us for a discussion about ways to shift organizational culture to achieve DevOps. We will highlight communication tools and movements, such as ChatOps.

    DevOps is all about teams working together to continually improve their processes and achieve their shared business goals. With cross-functional teams, documentation must be in place. We will discuss strategies for curating information repositories that fit how a team works.

    Also, project and team management are core components of ensuring that team members are able to work efficiently and don’t get lost in meetings and context switching. Automated tools further enhance communication by exposing project data to everyone

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