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Agile Methods in Air Force Sustainment

  • “Those core practices are there. They may be called something different. But, all of the teams that we observed are working from product backlogs and sprint backlogs. They are using burn-down charts to communicate. They all engage in release planning and sprint planning. They all engage in demos and retrospectives. And, they are all using things like a daily or a weekly Scrum and Scrum meeting. ”
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    For several years, the Software Engineering Institute has researched the viability of Agile software development methods within Department of Defense programs and barriers to the adoption of those methods. In this podcast, SEI researcher Eileen Wrubel discusses how software sustainers leverage Agile methods and avoid barriers to using Agile methods.

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About the Speaker

  • Eileen Wrubel

    Eileen Wrubel is the SEI representative on the Air Force Strategic Software Improvement Program Working Group, supporting the development and implementation of software policy and guidance to improve the acquisition, management, and sustainment of the software component in Air Force systems. Her research efforts focus on Agile in acquisition, particularly on identifying and addressing adoption barriers in the DoD and other highly regulated settings, with special interest in sustainment and contracting issues. In 12 years with the SEI, Wrubel has worked with a variety of DoD and federal acquisition programs, such as JMPS/mission planning, the MilPDS program, C2AOS, and many others, providing advice and assistance on software related issues.