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Does Your Cloud Solution Look Like a Mushroom?

April 2015 Presentation
Kim Carter (BinaryMist Limited)

This presentation covers high-level ideas about cloud solutions, pros and cons about "The Cloud," security issues, and whether to use the cloud or build infrastructure.


Software Engineering Institute


This presentation draws from my recent blog post “Journey to Self Hosting” and many more resources for some high-level ideas about cloud solutions. I'll discuss what's good and what's not good about "The Cloud." I’ll provide an overview of the many security issues that entities need to think about when deciding whether to use the cloud or to build in-house infrastructure. Owning the technical expertise isn't always necessary. On the other hand, in-house solutions can provide finer grained customized solutions with potential for greater visibility and control than can cloud offerings that are more generic. I'll also discuss my personal journey and what I've discovered along the way, including how you can make the right decisions based on others’ experiences and learn from their mistakes rather than your own.