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Architecting Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Watson Developer Cloud

April 2015 Presentation
Will Chaparro (IBM Watson Group)

This presentation describes hybrid cloud solutions created using IBM's Watson cognitive services, architectural patterns and codes, and pros and cons of the hybrid approach.


Software Engineering Institute




There is no question that cloud-based computing solutions can provide businesses with big value. IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all deliver cloud-based solutions that offer unique access to capabilities that on-premise solutions cannot provide. IT teams within the enterprise are constantly focusing on driving more of their solutions to the cloud, and there are really good reasons for doing so. However, certain enterprise solutions that favor an on-premise approach also present architectural constraints. How do you bring those cloud services capabilities into your on-premise solution? You go with a hybrid cloud environment.

In this presentation, we will describe the various hybrid cloud solutions that we created using the Watson cognitive services from IBM; share the architectural patterns, code, and tutorials on GitHub that we created; and discuss the pros and cons of the hybrid approach. We’ll also talk about the challenges that we encountered during our investigation.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will have the knowledge necessary to determine why they would want to take a hybrid approach to a cloud-based solution, the quality attributes to be concerned about, what architecture patterns could be used, and how they could use the samples on GitHub to deploy an actual integration of their own.