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Open Medical Record System Plus (OpenMRS+): OpenMRS for Non-Communicable Diseases

April 2015 Presentation
Gloria Ingabire (Carnegie Mellon University)

This presentation describes the role of the Open-Source Medical Record System in Rwandan health care for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis services and how to expand its use.


Software Engineering Institute



In developing countries where the health-care industry continues to experience significant challenges that hamper the provision of health-care services, interoperability and the connection of medical records are still an unrealized goal. Even though different types of medical record systems have been adopted, the journey continues due to environment, infrastructure, and financial issues. With the growth of information technology, the health-care sector has significantly improved, adopting various web- and mobile-based electronic medical records. A significant achievement has been the use of the Open-Source Medical Record System (OpenMRS) for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis health-care services in developing countries such as Kenya and Rwanda. This system has proven to be more reliable and efficient for patient follow-up and allows for better health-care services in general.

In this presentation, I will describe the role that OpenMRS has played in the Rwandan health-care sector, why and how to expand its use to the treatment of noncommunicable diseases, and the process that should be followed in order to develop a new and complete module strictly designed for these diseases.