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Advancing Cyber Intelligence Practices Through the SEI's Consortium

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    Sound cyber intelligence practices can help organizations prevent or mitigate major security breaches. For several years, researchers at the SEI have been examining methodologies, processes, technology, and training to help organizations understand what it means to perform the work of cyber intelligence. To spur further development and advance understanding in this important area, the SEI launched the Cyber Intelligence Research Consortium, aimed at helping organizations make better judgments and quicker decisions related to cyber intelligence. The consortium's membership consists of practitioners and decision makers from multiple sectors, including government, energy, banking, defense contracting, and academia.

    At this webinar SEI practitioners will provide a detailed overview of the consortium's work during this inaugural year.  Efforts for this year include how-to guides for navigating key analytical practices and technologies, tradecraft labs, and an in-person crisis simulation event. Webinar participants will also receive a guide for evaluating intelligence they can use in their own organizations.

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