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The State of Agile

  • If you have 6 people, you put them in a room, give them access to users, and you are done with the story. If you have 20, you’ve got walls between the people, so you’ve got conversation blocks. If you’ve got 50, you’ve got multiple technologies, multiple teams, and multiple floors…If you have 100 people, you’ve got consistency problems across teams.
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    In September 2014, Alistair Cockburn met with researchers at the SEI headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa. The SEI Podcast Series team was there as Cockburn sat down with Suzanne Miller to discuss his unique perspective as one of the creators of the Agile manifesto and his viewpoint on the current state of Agile adoption.

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  • Suzanne Miller

    Suzanne Miller's research focuses on synthesizing effective technology transition and management practices from research and industry into effective techniques for use of Agile and lean methods in regulated settings like the DoD.