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Applying Agile in the DoD: Eighth Principle

October 2014 Podcast
Suzanne Miller, Mary Ann Lapham

In this episode, the eighth in a series exploring Agile principles across the DoD, Suzanne Miller and Mary Ann Lapham discuss the eighth Agile principle.

We have seen teams that have devolved into just racing as fast as they can because they don't have the management top cover. We have also seen teams where the management understands that keeping that sustainable pace is part of what keeps the software coming. It is part of what makes their users happy. So, they work really hard to protect the teams in maintaining that pace. 


Software Engineering Institute



In this episode, the eighth in a series by Suzanne Miller and Mary Ann Lapham exploring the application of Agile principles in the Department of Defense, the two researchers discuss the application of the eighth principle: Agile processes promotes sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

About the Speaker

Suzanne Miller

Suzanne Miller's research focuses on synthesizing effective technology transition and management practices from research and industry into effective techniques for use of Agile and lean methods in regulated settings like the DoD.

Mary Ann Lapham

Mary Ann Lapham is the technical lead of the SEI's research on agile methods within Department of Defense acquisition settings. In addition to leading the writing of several SEI technical notes on this topic, Lapham is also active in consulting with military service clients of the SEI's Software Solutions Division on the use of agile methods within their programs. She has more than 30 years of program management and software development experience in commercial and government contexts.