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Under N: Acceptance to Delivery in N Hours

November 2014 Presentation
Umashankar Velusamy (Verizon Communications, Inc.)

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation describes the Under-N methodology, a framework to uncover hidden capabilities and deliver a business need in an absolute time.


TSP Symposium


How about delivering a business need from acceptance to production in less than 12 hours? Or delivering in the absolute time it would actually take—not an hour more and not an hour less? Under-N methodology provides a framework to uncover hidden capabilities within IT applications and IT application teams and then to use the capabilities to deliver a business need, change, or want in under N hours, where N is the absolute time it takes to deliver. It also elicits capabilities that may not yet be present but that are possible, while outlining four atomic change capabilities that, when implemented, will enable IT applications to deliver changes in an under-N fashion by mixing and matching. The Under-N Framework relies on strong collaboration, planning, and tight teamwork. The presentation outlines a template to frame these capabilities by asking the right questions to procure all the answers that will be needed to execute the capability and to engage the correct stakeholders. In addition, the presenter proposes ways to scale the capabilities across an enterprise by means of a challenge process and by celebrating the best.