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News at SEI 2007 Archive

  • December 2007
  • An archive of News at SEI newsletter articles from 2007
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract

    • CMMI: A New Transition
    • FAQs Part 5: Getting Started
    • Large-Scale Work-- Part VI: The Process
    • Duties, Skills, and Knowledge of Software Architects, The
    • The Mexican TSP Initiative: Positioning the Mexican Software Industry through TSP/PSP
    • SEI Reaches Across Domains to Aid Health Care Industry
    • Protecting Against Insider Threat
    • CMMI: Product Suite Expansion
    • Large-Scale Work -- Part VII: Process Discipline
    • SEI Publishes Framework for Software Process Research
    • Being Your Own Boss -- Part I: The Ideal Job
    • Software Architecture: The Next Generation
    • Workshop to Present Best Practices in Software Architecture
    • CMMI: Beyond V1.2 Workshops
    • Challenges of Establishing Network-Centric Operations I: Technical Research Challenges
    • Army Engineering Center Chooses SMART Approach to SOA Planning
    • Software Product Lines FAQs Part VI: Using Software Product Lines with Other Approaches
    • Being Your Own Boss -- Part II: The Autocratic Manager
    • ArchE-the Architecture Expert
    • OCTAVE Allegro Speeds Up the Risk Assessment Process
    • The Double Challenge in Engineering Complex Systems of Systems
    • Survivability Challenges for Systems of Systems
    • CMMI for Acquisition -- The First New Constellation
    • Being Your Own Boss -- Part III: Knowledge Work
    • Mexican Advocates See TSP as a Way to Establish Quality Reputation
    • Lessons Learned about Software Architecture
    • Mitigating the Risk of Using Service-Oriented Architectures
    • Being Your Own Boss -- Part IV: Being a Victim
    • Bright Star Dimmed: Roger Bate, 1923-- 2009
    • Clarifying the CMMI for Development Model for High Maturity
    • Crisis Management
    • The ROI of Security
    • Understanding Architectural Patterns in Terms of Tactics and Models
    • Spider-Man 3 Developers to Discuss Process-Improvement Experience in SEPG Keynote
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