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News at SEI 1999 Archive

  • December 1999
  • An archive of News at SEI newsletter articles from 1999
  • Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
  • Abstract

    • Avoiding the Trial-by-Fire Approach to Security Incidents
    • Meeting the Challenges of Requirements Engineering
    • Analyzing Quality Attributes
    • COTS Product Evaluation and System Design
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Introduction
    • Requirements Engineering Roundtable
    • An Example of Erratic Effort Estimation
    • Bugs or Defects?
    • Doing Disciplined Work
    • Were You Ready for the Melissa Virus?
    • Software Strategy for Technology Collaborations
    • Using Scenarios in Architecture Evaluations
    • Introduction: Checking In on a Process Improvement Revolution
    • Roundtable Interview on PSP/TSP
    • Delivering on the Promise of Process Improvement
    • The Net Effects of MP3
    • Evaluation of COTS Products: Some Thoughts on the Process
    • Pathways to Process Maturity: The Personal Software Process and Team Software Process
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