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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Project: Summary of Key Findings

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    The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Innovation Center at Carnegie Mellon University is studying the state of cyber intelligence across government, industry, and academia. This study, known as the Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Project (CITP), seeks to advance the capabilities of organizations performing cyber intelligence by elaborating on best practices and prototyping solutions to shared challenges. Starting in June 2012, six government agencies and 20 organizations from industry and academia provided information on their cyber intelligence methodologies, technologies, processes, and training. This baseline data then was benchmarked against a cyber intelligence analytic framework consisting of five functions: environment, data gathering, functional analysis, strategic analysis, and stakeholder reporting and feedback. The aggregated results of the benchmarking led to the key findings presented in this document.

    To learn more about this and other SEI Innovation Center programs, visit the SEI Emerging Technology Center web page.

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