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When-to-Release Software Product Decisions in Consideration of Technical Debt

September 2014 Presentation
Jason Ho (University of Calgary), Guenther Ruhe (University of Calgary)

This presentation explains “when-to-release” planning as the problem of determining the release date to maximize release value and minimize technical debt.


Software Engineering Institute


This presentation was part of the Sixth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, held in conjunction with the 30th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2014).

Technical debt has become a familiar concept in both industry and research, and the community has done a good job of promoting the concept. But measurement of technical debt remains diverse, and business pressure to deliver software faster, and continuously, is a major root cause of accumulated technical debt. In the decision support model described in this presentation, both implementation and technical debt are measured as effort. This effort is traded off with the effort to implement new features. When-to-release planning with consideration of technical debt is the problem of assigning a set of features to an upcoming release and determining the actual release date to maximize total release value and minimize accumulated technical debt.