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Explicating, Understanding, and Managing Technical Debt from Self-Driving Miniature Car Projects

September 2014 Presentation
Md. Abdullah Al Mamun (Chalmers University of Technology), Christian Berger (University of Gothenburg), Jörgen Hansson (University of Skovde)

This presentation describes the evolution of technical debt in developing self-driving miniature cars to reduce debt and have more reusable, maintainable software.


Software Engineering Institute


This presentation was part of the Sixth International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, held in conjunction with the 30th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2014).

Objective: Understand the evolution of technical debt in the development of self-driving miniature cars so that proper actions can be planned to reduce the debt and have more reusable and maintainable software.  

Research Questions 

RQ1: How did the technical debt evolve over time for a self-driving miniature car that competed twice in an international competition? 

RQ2: How did the experience from a previous participation influence the technical debt of the recent software?  

RQ3: What are the most important issues related to the development process that need to be adapted to reduce the technical debt for teams?