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Competency Development and Workforce Readiness

The following publications relate to competency development and workforce readiness.


Software Engineering Institute

Workforce effectiveness relies on two critical characteristics: competence and readiness. Our work in competency development is designed to help organizations improve their training and development programs. Our researchers identify and document cybersecurity competencies within organizations. As these competencies are identified, the organization begins to understand that competence is not readiness.

Software Assurance Competency Model

March 2013

In this report, the authors describe a model that helps create a foundation for assessing and advancing the capability of software assurance professionals.

Competency Lifecycle Roadmap: Toward Performance Readiness

September 2012

In this report, the authors describe the Competency Lifecycle Roadmap (CLR), a preliminary roadmap for understanding and building workforce readiness.

A Systematic Approach for Assessing Workforce Readiness

August 2014

In this report, the authors present the Competency Lifecycle Roadmap and the readiness test development method, both used to maintain workforce readiness.

The Software Assurance Competency Model: A Roadmap to Enhance Individual Professional Capability

May 2013

In this paper, the authors describe a software assurance competency model that can be used by professionals to improve their software assurance skills.

IEEE Computer Society Professional Activities Board Endorses the SEI Software Assurance Competency Model

June 2014

The IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) PAB has endorsed the SEI Software Assurance Competency Model as appropriate for software assurance roles.

CMMI-Based Professional Certifications: The Competency Lifecycle Framework

December 2004

This report describes how a competency life-cycle framework can be used as the basis for the CMMI-based professional certifications.

FAQ: Collaboration Between the CERT Coordination Center and Computer Security Incident Response Teams Worldwide

June 2008

This FAQ answers questions related to the collaboration between the CERT/CC and CSIRTs worldwide.