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Common Misconceptions About Service-Oriented Architecture

November 2007 White Paper
Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Soumya Simanta, Dennis B. Smith, Lutz Wrage

This 2007 article from Crosstalk magazine suggests ways to more effectively address critical SOA issues that potential users, developers, and acquisition officers may have.


This article explores seven common misconceptions about service-oriented architecture (SOA):

  1. SOA provides the complete architecture for a system.
  2. All legacy systems can be easily integrated Into an SOA environment.
  3. SOA Is all about standards and standards are all that Is needed.
  4. SOA Is all about technology.
  5. The use of standards guarantees interoperability in an SOA environment.
  6. A service registry allows service binding dynamically at runtime.
  7. Testing SOA-based systems Is no different than testing any other type of system.