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TSP Symposium 2011 Proceedings and Presentations

September 2011 Presentation

Presentations and official proceedings of the Sixth Annual TSP Symposium on September 19-22, 2011


TSP Symposium


Presentations and official proceedings of the Sixth Annual TSP Symposium on September 19-22, 2011.


Sessions and presentations included:

  • TSP Symposium 2011 Program
  • A Highly Successful Canceled Project, David Jolley
  • An Architect's Point of View on TSP, Felix Bachmann
  • Applying TSP for Services: Seven Key Lessons Learned, Oscar Mondragon and Alan Willett
  • A PSP Analysis of Defects Injected During Detailed Design, Diego Vallespir and William Nichols
  • A Survival Guide for Leaders, Dan Wall
  • Broadening the Ability to Train and Launch Effective Engineering and Service Teams, Jeffrey Schwalb and Bradley Hodgins
  • Changing Software Management Culture from Academic, Keiichi Katamine, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Masanobu Umeda
  • Coaching Teams: The Soft Side of TSP, Tim Chick and Gene Miluk
  • Evaluating and Ranking Software Methods and Practices, Capers Jones
  • Failure Is Not an Option, James W. Over
  • Finding the Estimating Data, David Malley
  • First TSP Results at Ecuador and Colombia: A Shared Successful Effort, Pedro C. Henriques
  • Five Lessons I Learned From an Inspiring Leader, Daniel Roy
  • Paths of Adoption: A Taxonomy of Pre-TSP/TPI Teams, David Saint-Amand and Mark Stockmyer
  • Mastering the Coaching of Excellence, Alan Willett
  • Medical Device Software Development, Carl Wyrwa
  • Reporting Project Status to Management, Francois Auradon and Noopur Davis
  • Team Software Process at Adobe Systems: Current State of the Program, Barbara Spencer
  • The Emphasis Should be on Team, not Software Process, Robert Musson
  • TSP on an Architecture-Driven Project, Luis Carballo and Jim McHale
  • TSP is Coming!, Alok Goswami and William Nichols
  • Updating the Quality Profile for Modern Development Environments, Noopur Davis