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TSP Symposium 2006 Presentations

September 2006 Presentation

Presentations given at the First Annual TSP Symposium on September 18-21, 2006


TSP Symposium


Presentations given at the First Annual TSP Symposium on September 18-21, 2006.

Sessions and presentations included:

  • 47.9346721 Percent of Data is Made Up, Orville Starnes
  • An Overview of Sandia Nations Laboratories, Tom Cuyler
  • A PSP Commercial Project, Rob Tonneberger
  • Delivering Successful Projects With Challenges of New Teams, Mukesh Jain
  • Experiences Integrating PSP and TSP with Six Sigma, Dan S. Van Duine
  • Extending the Team Software Process for Systems Engineering, Anita Carleton and Tim Chick
  • Impact of Individual Performance to Project Organization, Yoshihiro Akiyama, James W. Over, Jim McHale, and Anita Carleton
  • Interdisciplinary Team Project Management Using TSP Concepts, Bradley Hodgins
  • Mining PSP Data, Daniel Burton and Watts S. Humphrey
  • MISC PMT: Combining TSP and CMMI Should Mean More Than Just an Anagram, Michael D. Konrad
  • NAVAIR LAMP Model: A Coaches Aid in Helping Teams Apply TSP, Bradley Hodgins
  • Observations from Just Beyond TSP: One Implementation, Susan Weaver
  • Process Improvement at NAVAIR Using TSP and CMM, David Saint-Amand
  • Process Improvement Proposals (PIPs) Organization, Team, Individual, Girish Seshagiri
  • Scaling Up the Process, Watts S. Humphrey
  • The TSP Story at Microsoft IT, Jagadish Kamatar and Rob Schoedel
  • Tools of the Change Warrior, Alan W. Willett
  • Triumphs and Challenges of Using TSP/PSP at Intuit, Eileen Fagan
  • Using the TSP in a Systems Engineering Environment, Dan Wall
  • What Works Best with TSPi for Small Team Productivity and Quality, William L. Honig